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Young People Programme

DATE 2023 Young People Programme Recap

PhD/Master Students initiatives

The DATE 2023 conference includes a number of initiatives targeting PhD and master students, with the goal of increasing their visibility, establishing contacts, and encouraging discussion about their future perspectives with experts of the field.

PhD Forum

The PhD forum is a great opportunity for PhD students to present their work to a broad audience in the system design and design automation community from both industry and academia, and to establish contacts for entering the job market. Representatives from industry and academia get a glance of state-of-the-art in system design and design automation.

Careers Fair

Careers Fair - Academia: is a channel to advertise new and upcoming research initiatives with academic open positions to a large audience. Interested research academics are invited to submit a 1-page abstract description of their new research plans and the respective open position(s). Accepted submissions will have the opportunity to present their research openings (approx. 5 mins) in the Careers Fair - Academia session, which will also feature a panel on academic career paths in different countries. They are also invited to post a flyer of their opening(s) on the "Jobs Wall" and online on the portal.

Careers Fair - Industry: PhD students, master students and early researchers apply to open positions from EDA and micro- electronics industries, leading to interviews arranged during the DATE conference. Sponsoring companies get the opportunity to present themselves, their ongoing activities, and their workplace during a dedicated session. Jobseekers can attend a seminar on how to present effectively to HR representatives, that will be held before the conference. The Careers Fair - Industry session includes a keynote provided by Prof. Dragomir Milojevic from Universite libre de Bruxelles as well as a panel session where experts with EDA and microelectronics background talk about their different career paths, including industry and startups, self-made entrepreneurs, and more unconventional profiles.

University Fair

The University Fair is a forum for disseminating academic research activities. Its goal is twofold:

  • to foster the transfer of mature academic work to a large audience of industrial parties. Interested research academics are invited to submit a 1-page abstract description of their pre-commercial research results and/or prototypes.
  • to advertise new or upcoming research initiatives associated with new PhD/PostDoc open positions to a large audience of graduate students. Interested research academics are invited to submit a 1-page abstract description disseminating their new research plans.

Student Teams Fair

The Student Teams Fair aims at bringing together University Student Teams involved in international competitions and personnel from EDA and microelectronic companies. The Teams have the opportunity to present their activities, success stories and challenges, and to receive funding and support by the companies for their future activities. The attending Student Teams can visit a workshop provided by industry on a relevant topic for creators of systems. For further info please contact yppatdate-conference [dot] com (ypp[at]date-conference[dot]com)

Workshop on grant acquisition: One session is dedicated to how to attract funding through the new funding programmes sponsored by the European Agencies.

It is expected to have a broad audience of students, graduates, early researchers, and Ph.D. students attending DATE 2023's Young People Programme in order to provide them with the current professional and career opportunities within the technological field.

Sponsorship of Attendance

The sponsors' videos are found at the end of this page.

As a Young People Programme (YPP) Participant, you may apply for a free DATE 2023 full-conference registration. The DATE 2023 Young People Programme is funded by generous support from participating companies and CEDA.

Applicants must be full-time students in EDA, microelectronics, or an adjacent field. If accepted, you must commit to actively participating in the programme in Antwerp from 17 April through 19 April 2023. Participation includes attending YPP events, especially industry and academic careers fairs as well as DATE 2023 sessions. We welcome students from all over Europe and from all backgrounds. A jury will carefully review the applications and select DATE 2023 YPP participants. We especially welcome applications from women and underrepresented groups.

Timeline and tentative programme:

  • Application deadline: Friday, 27 January 2023 AoE
  • Acceptance notification: Friday, 03 February 2023 AoE
  • DATE Opening Keynote and Young People Programme Activities: Monday, 17 April 2023
  • DATE Conference: 17-19 April 2023

In order to apply for the sponsorship, follow the link and fill out and submit the form.
*If your application gets accepted, you will receive a personalised registration link from the conference organisation. If you are not selected, you may register via the online registration form.

Companies, which are interested to become sponsors of the Young People Programme, please follow the link.


Young People Programme is generously funded by following companies and institutions:

Cadence Design Systems IEEE Council on Electronic Design Automation (IEEE CEDA) imec vzw ICsense Racyics Bosch Siemens EDA Springer Nature Synopsys xfab

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